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    The Litigation Department of EDGE has extensive experience in assisting our national and international clients with their disputes in Portugal.

    We support our clients in the settlement of their disputes, both via Pre-Litigation negotiations with the parties involved and through the courts, working towards our clients’ goals and advising them of any potential risks. Our understanding of our clients’ matters enables us to defend their position in the manner best suited to their interests.

    We have a multidisciplinary team with vast experience and extensive knowledge of the Portuguese Courts and procedures, which ensures high levels of specialisation in its main areas of practice and provides full support to our clients in handling their disputes. We are also experts in dispute resolution and act as legal counsel both in lawsuits conducted before the courts and in ad hoc arbitration proceedings, in domestic or international arbitration courts.

    Main Areas of Practice:

    • Divorce & Family
      International family disputes; Child Abductions; Parental responsibilities; Custody rights; Visitation &  Contact; Child maintenance; Divorce and finance disputes; Cohabitation; Jurisdictional disputes
    • Probate Disputes
      Contentious probate proceedings; Inventory proceedings; Judicial estate-sharing proceedings
    • Personal injury & Travel
      Road Traffic Accidents; Serious Injury claims; Holiday Accidents & Illness Claims; Fatal Accident Claims
    • Aviation & Transports
      Personal injury claims; Flight delays claims; Air carriage and shipping claims; Contractual disputes; Aircraft leasing & registration; Maritime; Road Transport; Regulatory procedures; Insurance & Reinsurance
    • Clinical & Medical Negligence
    • Insurance & Reinsurance
      Motor Insurance Claims; Airline and Aircraft Insurance Claims; Medical Insurance Claims; Transport; Personal Injury
    • Contracts
      Claims or recognition of contracts and rights therein; Claims for contractual breach; Civil Liability Claims
    • Debt Recovery
    • Property Litigation
      Claims for breach of property acquisition contracts; specific performance of unfulfilled property acquisition contracts; Proceedings for exercising preferential rights in property acquisitions
    • Rental
      Judicial proceedings for collection of outstanding rents; Eviction proceedings
    • Insolvency
      For both Companies and Individuals
    • Enforcement
      Both of internal and foreign court orders
    • Arbitration
      Both domestic and international