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    Residency by Investment

    EDGE has extensive experience in assisting individuals looking to establish residency in Portugal through investment and other similar categories within the immigration regulations. Our work includes advising and assisting clients on the different types of residency options and also providing legal assistance with the investment requirements, when applicable.

    One of the residency options that has become more attractive to foreigners is the Golden Visa programme, which grants residency to those that invest in Portugal but does not imply effectively living in the country. EDGE is the largest law firm in Portugal within this particular field with of over 3,000 clients. Our work in this area is divided between providing full legal assistance with the qualifying investment and giving full support to the residency application and renewals for the investor and family members.

    We also assist our clients in their applications for permanent residency and citizenship, once the corresponding requirements are met. We are proud to be one of the first law firms to obtain Portuguese citizenship for a client that had obtained residency through the Golden Visa option.

    The work within the different residency options also covers a wide range of matters, including taxation, estate planning, family, education, employment, social security and many others.

    The department covers a variety of residency options, including:

    • Golden Visa (ARI)
    • Residency for self-sustained or retired individuals (D7)
    • Business and entrepreneur residency (D2)
    • Tech and Start up residency
    • EU Residency Status
    • Permanent Residency
    • Citizenship